In Stab and Corona’s Beach Chair series, we shine a light on the personalities behind the jerseys, logos and guarded televised responses, whilst presenting hard evidence of recent form in the water. We’re currently posted in the South Pacific, capturing the peripherals of tour stop number five, the Outerknown Fiji Pro, where the waves are wonderful and island life defines ‘paradise’. Sebastian ‘Seabass’ Zietz is here alongside us, taking temporary residence on Tavarua whilst he continues to add points to his 2017 CT campaign.

While eyes were fixed on the main event over at Cloudbreak, Stab linked up with the Hawaiian for a low tide run at dreamy Restaurants. When he was done playing hide and seek over an inch of water, we sat him down on the shore to discuss everything but his current heat strategy. Consistent with his reputation for having the tour’s most approachable personality, Bass was vibrant and beaming with enthusiasm (which may be correlated to the two excellent scoring rides he banked merely hours before). Shirtless and wearing his usual mischievous grin, he revealed his thoughts on the ultra-competitive – and sometimes polarising – mind of Kelly Slater, why he’s breezy forfeiting waves to watch John Florence, Gabriel Medina or Filipe Toledo in action, what having eight siblings has taught him and his preferred, and admirable, take on edit culture. So take a moment, pop the lid and join your pals in the tour’s fave location.