We’re back, posted up from the cliffs to the sand, capturing every noteworthy jaunt in the peripherals of the 2017 Rip Curl Pro, Bells Beach. Stab and Corona believe that the best action happens before and after the siren, and it’s our pleasure to capture it. While the inaugural singlet-clad trio has yet to run down Torquay’s most famous staircase, the top 34 have been lighting up every righthand point in the area, despite the blustery surface texture.

In the opening episode of the Bells edition of Beach Chair, we fixed our lenses on various tune-ups from the rolling hills of Bells to the neighbouring precipice of Winkipop, where we see a freshly cut Mick Fanning rocking some colourful attire; Ace Buchan stomping around on his backhand; Nat Young navigating ribbed faces; Ethan Ewing looking indelible between gusts; Jeremy Flores getting in on the wraps and foam climbs with Michel Bourez reciprocating, and more.

Keep a tight grip on the keyboard for frequent broadcasts from Stab and Corona’s Torquay chronicles. And welcome back to Beach Chair; it may be cold outside, but the feeling of returning sure is warming. Stay tuned.

Words & Video: Stab