Our friends at 18 Seconds Magazine have been patiently waiting. What for you ask? Swell, such a novel concept. Every day, for a six month period, they’d check the long-range forecast, waiting with a glimmer of hope that they’d see something inspiring on the synoptic charts – and for six long months, nothing. The Gold Coast recently went through a serious flat spell, and it’s fair to say, the local inhabitants went a little stir crazy over the lack of waves – many people opting to jump on a place in search of surf and a quick fix.

And then, after months had passed, Huey decide to return and deliver the GC the waves they had been longing for. And as to be expected, Andy and the team at 18 seconds were ready, waiting, camera in hand to capture all of the action – all which can be found in Issue 38 of the electronic sea, HERE.





Photos: Andy Morris, Andrew Sheild, Blake McKenzie, Jesse Little.