Welcome back to Corona Moments, a Garage x Corona series. Over the coming weeks, we’ll be hand-picking and serving up the best moments of Taylor Steele’s film collection, featuring mind-blowing barrels, epic boat trips, and sessions you only dream of. You know, those moments you reminisce about with your buddies over a cold beer.

The pursuit of surfing the same wave twice is every surfer’s dream. Dave Rastovich, Craig Anderson, and godfather of surf filmmaking Taylor Steele travel the length of the planet in 8 days (a total of 32000 Kilometres) chasing a single storm cell across the Pacific Rim.

First, the waves hit with never before seen force onto the legendary reef of Tahiti, then reeling through Mexico, California and onwards towards an Arctic conclusion in Alaska. The trio gather friends Kelly Slater, Alex Grey, Dan Malloy and Chris Del Moro along this cinematic and frantic adventure, as they revel in the results of one epic journey in This Time Tomorrow.

Dave Rastovich finds his Corona Moment on day 5 of the exhausting travel schedule scoring perfect barrels at an uncrowded Mexican point break.

“This afternoons right was pretty much the same kind of wave as the points back home but with only a hand full of people out which was pretty bang’n, that’s not something you find everyday, it was real cool, real cool, plus we are all pretty tired and tweaked which makes it interesting”  Said Rasta.

Watch Missing now on Garage HERE.

Photo credit: Todd Glasser