It’s always a real pleasure to hit the road and tour a band we love. The Preatures sit way up high to the lofty heights of the outer universe in our regards as a band, and a bunch of all round legends.

Over the past month, we travelled with The Preatures through the clouds, the blue skies, the highways and the dusty back streets. We travelled with them through dark nights, early mornings, rain and blazing sunshine. And, we travelled with them to some of our favourite bars and pubs around Australia, so you the fans, could have the pleasure of watching them rock out on stage.

We were welcomed like old friends of the West, in Yallingup, to kick off the tour. Before The Preatures first show; the band swam and took in the sights of the dramatic coastline and wilderness of Wydaup, Smiths Beach and Canal Rocks. Perth as always was beaming with sunshine and good times.

Over the next three weekends, we clocked up some serious kilometres and time in the tour bus as we took Australia’s East Coast head on. Despite the rigorous schedule, we had great food, great van sing-alongs, great swims and the odd and very swift moments of excellent souvenir shopping.

No matter what location we were in or how many gigs we’d already played that weekend, there was always something very magical about watching the sun set behind The Preatures as they jammed out on stage. Of course, the sunset was like the cherry on the cake; a Preatures gig is magical regardless of the setting sun or not.

By the end of the tour we certainly achieved “Coast to Coast” vibes, with the final show at the breathtaking Portsea Hotel, Victoria. We’d also created some pretty special memories over the five week period, some of which you will see below in the gallery.

Thanks to everyone for coming to the shows. We’re happy we were able to welcome in the summer with you and The Preatures.


Photo: Jack // Hillarys, WA.

Luke – Trademark complicit grin. Always up to no good… no one knows what farcical scheme he’s scheming, what dastardly dream he’s dreaming. He’s just so beautiful.


Photo: Tom // The Lucky Shag, WA.

Jack takes a photo of me taking a photo.


Photo: Jack //  Cape Clairault, Wyadup WA.

Gid, Tom and Sal looking out over Indjidup beach. WA is a pretty magical place, it feels ancient and ageless, like a good memory.


Photo: Tom // Yallingup, WA.

Swim time at Yallingup, featuring a fly on the lens.


Photo: Jack // Perth, WA.

Tom’s addicted to souvenirs… Australiana badges, patches, stickers, baby apparel. Some bands just have crippling addictions. We all worry about him. (He gave the shopkeeper hell, then bought the store out of Kangaroo pins).


Photo: Tom // Yallingup, WA.

Road stop, en route to Yallingup, Gideon and his shadow contemplate the afternoon coffee.


Photo: Jack // Bondi, NSW.

There is always time to stop and steal Gardenias from somebody’s garden, no matter how late we are to the next show.


Photo: Tom // WA Terminal

Luke having a quick snooze in the Qantas lounge.


Photo: Jack // Hervey Bay, QLD.

Gideon cannot close oneeye, or wink. That’s an honest fact – it’s double or nothing. He’ll never be able to do anything normal people do, like ride a bike, use a telescope, or wink.


Photo: Tom // Tullamarine Airport

Home time, tour complete.

Photos: Jack Moffitt // Thomas Champion // Sally Quade