There wasn’t as large of a swell forecasted for our trip to Pasquales, Mexico, so we relaxed a bit more as we packed our board bags.  My goal for the trip was to shoot some water stuff, so I brought as many cameras as I could fit into my bags, along with water housings, surfboards, and a tripod. I even purchased a one-way ticket, so I could stay longer if I wanted to. You never know when another swell may rock up. The adventure began the moment we left my house. Addy, my friend Rob and I were excited and eager to get down south and find out what was waiting for us.

This time of year is the most consistent for waves down south to where we were headed, so it was hard not to feel anxious. Addy drove his car to the border, we parked it in a ‘pay by day’ lot and then took a cab straight into Mexico to the airport in Tijuana. After a layover in Mexico City and some sandwiches, we made it to our destination. We took a cab to the beach, booked a hotel room and jumped straight into the ocean for a surf. It felt good to wash the airport grime off after a long day in transit.


For the first few days, the waves were perfect. It wasn’t too crowded and not too big either, great for taking photos in the water. My routine was simple; I’d shoot in the mornings from the beach or the water before it got too hot or windy, before going for a surf in the midday sun. I’d usually surf by myself as the morning crowd had mostly dispersed.

Running across the sand after surfing to get back to our place was almost torturous. One day the soles of my feet were so burnt from the scorching sand, that it hurt to walk barefoot for days afterward. The heat down south is unexplainable. We would keep ourselves cool with the help of coconuts and the afternoon breeze. The oscillating fans in the accommodation mostly just made buzzing sounds.

One of the nights after everyone had gone to sleep, a giant thunderstorm came in from the west. I woke my friends to show them this insane electric storm, which was happening right off our front deck. The cracks of thunder were the loudest I’d ever heard, as the lightning struck the ocean less than half a mile away.


The next morning we scored offshore winds and double overhead waves. Our friend took us out on his jet ski to do step-offs since the waves were much larger than the previous days.

We all took turns on the ski, and I eventually switched off shooting photos from the beach as I wanted my turn in the ocean. Everyone was stoked after getting the best waves of the trip. As we were leaving the beach, another rain squall quickly came in. The weather can be quite unpredictable in Mexico. Luckily the day after was sunny, and so we decided to walk north, past the river mouth to a secluded beach break. There wasn’t another person in sight. I shot in the water all morning and got the best photos of the trip.

Addy and Rob left that afternoon, but I decided to stay another week for another decent sized swell that had appeared on the charts. That night there was more rain and wind. The rain was a foreshadow of a small hurricane that was brewing off the coast. My brother Nate, and our friend Troy were arriving the next day. Sadly, the swell we were hunting was ruined by the small hurricane. Instead of perfect overhead waves with no wind it was extremely windy, and we were unable to surf.


Luckily, the storm dissipated the next day, and the swell was still there although somewhat broken up. Waking up at the crack of dawn and arriving at the beach at sunrise was a thrill. Every morning was a different story, and the waves were getting better by the day. We did step offs for the next few days and made the most of what swell was on offer. The last day of the trip came quickly and we headed back to our spot down the beach to launch the ski. We had to take advantage of our final day in Mexico.

We had until 2 pm before we had to head back to our place in order to pack and head to the airport. We didn’t waste any time getting in the water. Suddenly, the waves turned on and stayed good for the next 5 hours. Sadly, within the first hour of our last session Nate dislocated his shoulder and had to sit on the beach for the rest of the day.


Even though forced to chill on the beach, it was still pure excitement for him to watch the boys get the waves of their lives. I would love to relive that glorious morning and the whole two weeks for that matter. Nate, maybe not so much. We caught a cab all the way back to Guadalajara, which was 5 hours north of where we were staying in Tecoman, before hopping a plane.  Being a friday afternoon, the roads were jammed for miles and miles throughout the city. I really thought we were going to miss our flight and have to stay another night.  We made it to the airport just in time and grabbed some beers after checking in. Waiting to board and looking at all the photos from the morning we couldn’t help but laugh at how much fun we had.

I can’t wait to go back next summer and every summer after that.

Until next year.

Photos: Isaac Zoller // I.G: @isaac_zoller