A few months back Taylor Steele and a bunch of friends hit the road in Mexico’s south, following a trail of good times. Endless sandy point breaks, tacos, fresh juices and ice-cold Corona’s replayed in our dreams on the flight over – the journey didn’t disappoint.

Corona-extra-journey-mexico-jam-5Arriving late at night, we could vaguely make out the setup. Waking up to this blew everyone away. A reeling right point break, with not a soul out there.

Corona-extra-journey-mexico-jam-web-12Jakey out there early. Tearing things apart.

Corona-extra-journey-mexico-jam-web-13The smaller ones from each set would drain along the inside section, so fast and not a drop of water out of place.

Corona-extra-journey-mexico-jam-19Eden came well prepared. Everyone got to try different shapes in different conditions.

Corona-extra-journey-mexico-jam-web-16In between surf checks, we spent the time burning around dirt trails, filling the back of the car with wild mangos.


Corona-extra-journey-mexico-hollywood-5It felt like we were spending more time checking the surf, then actually getting out there. We were sweating it up in the car, morale was low, then around the next bend, we found this sandy point. It made it all worth it.

Corona-extra-journey-mexico-hollywood-8Well earned Corona’s at days end. From Where You’d Rather Be.