The sinking sun makes for the perfect backdrop as you and your buddies share a few ice-cold cervezas aboard a secret floating bar. The bar itself is only accessible by boat and after a day full of adventures, you and your crew get ferried out to the secret location. You watch the sunset and say adios to the day in the most fitting way possible.

Sounds almost too good to be true, almost. We’ve built a secret ‘Sunset Bar’ somewhere in Sydney and for the next four weeks a handful of lucky people will get to end their day in a way that truly resembles From Where You’d Rather Be.

The first weekend saw our good pals from Raen Eyewear, Lucky Cat, The North Journal and Monster Children climb aboard the secret Sunsets Bar to enjoy an afternoon on the water. The weather was ideal; the beers were ice cold, and there wasn’t a face that didn’t bear a grin that stretched from ear to ear!

The Sunset Bar closely resembles the one we found in Mexico, which can be seen in our latest film – Los Buenos Tiempos by Taylor Steele; a film that will surely inspire you to seek the setting sun.

Stay tuned to see more from the floating Corona Sunsets Bar.

Photos: Chris Searl & Lincoln Jubb