Spur of the moment trips are often the most memorable. Sometimes you just need to pack your car and get off the grid. Even if your destination is just down the road, the fact you’re spending time amongst nature or breaking everyday routine is time well spent. Canadian photographer Mirae Campbell knows a thing or two about escaping to someplace else. Here she gives us a few tips on hitting the road and waking in the wild.

1) Pack Snacks

A trip into the outdoors is only as good as your meals. If your meal prep sucks, so will your trip. Food is the key to my heart so happy heart means happy times outdoors. There’s nothing better than enjoying a sunset to a warm meal or a heaping moundof trail mix. For the most part, the hikes in BC involve good stamina and energy and you can’t have either of those things without good food, so it’s always better to have more, than not enough. Nothing is worse than being out in the elements poorly equipped!

2) Bring A Buddy and A Positive Attitude.

Although spending time in nature alone is rewarding and has it’s highs, moments are only as good as the people you share them with. If you’re heading into the backcountry, guaranteed you’re going to run into a few problems and epic encounters.You can only laugh the problems off and share the epic encounter stoke if you’re with someone. Digging yourself out of a tree well is way funnier if there’s someone filming you and pulling you out, versus when you’re alone and concluding that you’re going to waste away beside a tree. My most enjoyable moments spent outdoors have always been with a spontaneously thrown together plan and good company. Firmly believing that you’re going to have a great time will definitely ensure you a great time, even if the weather is shit, or if your pal forgot the wine, or if you forgot to pack an extra pair of socks. It’s all gravy as long as you’re stoked, if you survive the night then all the things that went wrong the day before, are things to laugh about in the morning.

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3) Practice Environmental Stewardship.

Living in BC, we have limitless mountain ranges, waterfalls, lakes, panoramic ocean views and trails at our disposal. Throw someone with a camera and Instagram into the mix and you have yourself a large amount of people who are looking to discover the next epic view. We all get so excited (me included!) about getting the shot or seeing that view, that we forget and refuse to believe that we are invading an ecosystem. Regardless of how subtle our encounter may be, we are still going into an unknown space that truthfully belonged to the squirrel or the fungi species first. It doesn’t take much to remember to stay on the trail, pack in and pack out, and be courteous of your surroundings. If we don’t remember to do these things, we’ll lose those epic views and everything you see on instagram will be a throwback.

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4) Be Equipped.

Hiking into the back country is less gnarly if you aren’t carrying your every possession. The ascent can be draining, but will be made less gruelling if you pack lightly and efficiently. If you invest the money into the right camping gear, it will last you forever (better check that warranty though before you take my word for it!) and it’ll make your trip more comfortable, as well as more enjoyable. In BC, the weather in the alpine can go from 0 to -60 in a matter of minutes, especially in the winter months so it is important to be packed with the things you need to stay safe and stoked in case something goes wrong. Your mom most likely won’t be tagging along to wrap you in cotton wool if the shit hits the fan, so it helps to be equipped with the essential safety gear, warm but light clothes and lots of water. I’m only speaking from experience so don’t be ‘that guy’ in the woods.

5) It’s cool to share the stoke, but remember to live in the moment.

I’m one of the worst for this. I always get so wrapped up in capturing the ‘moment’ that I actually sometimes forget what the moment is. It’s important to check yourself and remember the reason you are where you are in the first place, especially when you are with company who may want to share that ‘moment’ with you. Instagram can wait. Throw on a smile, high five your neighbour and go watch that sunrise.

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Photos & words: Mirae Campbell
 // I.G: @miraecampbell