What’s on your Bucket List? You know, those once-in-a-lifetime, unforgettable experiences you’ve always wanted to put a big fat marker through and say, ‘Yep, I’ve done it.’ Whether it’s next-level travel to far off places, surfing that perfect wave, or meeting a personal hero in the flesh, we want you to experience that rush and have a story or two to tell the grandkids one day.

Which is why this summer, we’re encouraging you to share your Bucket List dreams with us, your friends, and the world, and in doing so, we might just make them come true! Share your Bucket List dream on Facebook or Instagram via the hashtag #coronabucketlist or submit it via the below share form.

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Living the dream

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Photographing Teahupo’o

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Corona Bucket List Party

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Swimming with Dolphins

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Padar Island

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Death Valley

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Diving with Humpbacks

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Swimming with whales in Tonga was always something I wanted to tick it off... Read More
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Panorama Ridge Sunrise

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Riding Across The Himalayas

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Watch the ball drop on New Year’s Eve my ultimate dream
Surfing for a month perfect waves in Indonesia on a boat making new friends and memories to last a lifetime.
Hope on a boat and spend a month surfing big waves in the Maldives.
I’m always wanting to try new things and  travel the world to experience as many  cultures as possible.I have always had a dream of being able to travel to Brazil and enjoy the cultural and learn to surf.
To ditch Australian Summer to experience the slopes of Zermatt Switzerland! 
I would like to party on top of a building and meet my favorite DJ Vintage Culture.
3 years ago I bought a step up barrel chasing gun surfboard. I’ve dragged that thing with me to Indonesia on several occasions which has return unused and un damaged by baggage handlers to this day! It is most definitely on the top of my bucket list to paddle out at pumping cloudbreak with my best mate and hopefully get the tube of a lifetime!  Only to come onto shore on a tropical island paradise and celebrate by drinking coronas and eating my own body weight of fresh sushimi in the pool watching the sunset! #coronabucketlist
After finally recovering from breaking both legs (work accident), my bucket list is simply surfing a new break with my newfound strength. I would love to take my girlfriend; trooper took care of me physically and mentally for 16 months.
Bucket list..waking up early on an epic tropical island.. surfing perfect 6 foot cloudbreak all day..getting more barrels then then your brain can handle.. then watching the sun go down with a few coronas and a hell crew 🏝🏄🍻😀
Surfing quality breaks, sinking quality beers, hanging with quality mates, photography and film along the way while soaking up the summer sun, just like you see in the corona ads. That would be a dream come true
Explore the Galapagos Islands and all the weird and wonderful creatures within.
Boat trip of a lifetime with all my best mates!! Surf the best waves and get pitted everyday. 
Lover of animals and conservation. My dream is to travel with @sealegacy on a trip to the arctic. See polar bears, killer whales, and penguins . As well as to meet @paulnicklen my favourite photographer and co-founder of sea legacy.
Number one on my bucket list? To dance with giants. The more and more time i spend reading, observing and learning about these gentle leviathans of the deep the more and more my fascination blooms. Perhaps my interest is because of the tantalizing mystery of the whale song that haunted sea men many moons ago and convinced ancient Mediterranean sailors that sirens were lurking just beneath the surface; women that were half sea creatures flooding their dreams and capturing their souls, much like the song of the humpback has captured my own. Or maybe the fact that mankind has spent centuries searching for intelligent life within the universe, when its quite possible that a species just as intelligent is existing in a different part of our world, roaming the depths of the ocean in their own galaxy and communicating through melodies just like our own... The similarities between these inquisitive creatures and ourselves is one of the many reasons why humpbacks are my favourite species and why Tonga is a location ive dreamt of visiting for many years; a unique place where the ordinary and sacred meet and hold a curiosity just as great as the other.
To go to Canada to go heli boarding, road trip back down through the states, stoping along the way to go snow snowboarding at different resorts till reach California , sell the van and fly or drive down to Mexico, and surf everyday day eat tacos and drink beers every night for a month ! I could then die a happy man ! It's do-able right ?
Maybe when I get there I’ll be one of the most happiest person in the world, not just for the good waves, the sky is blue like the water and the green of the forest will be part of my mind all my life. It’s my dream comming true!
To go to J Bay in june when the comps on and lay down the bigest power hack ever seen
The best would be to follow the WSL tour to surf Cloudbreak, JBay, France, Portugal & then finish in Hawaii. Sweet
Imagine trekking through the night in freezing temperatures, to look up and see the bright green and yellow lights dance across the sky! That is what my husband and I are chasing! That is our ultimate goal and bucket list item! To look up and see nothing but lights swirling above us 😍
Bungy Jumping
It’s no summer no location, but by god it would be an epic trip. Untouched fresh pow all day, it doesn’t get any better. 
I have been dreaming for as long as I can remember to finally travel to Tahiti and stay in an overwater Bungalow!
Sharing breakfast with Giraffe's in Kenya
I have always dreamed of being in Hawaii relaxing and enjoying its awesome beaches with crystal clear waters, its culture and its beautiful landscapes. I see myself sitting in a bar in front of the beach  having drinks. OMG!! Would be amazing if I could cross rhis feom my bucket list😍
Java is still sort of off the map as far as surf destinations go (ok, minus G Land), and West Java is even more uncharted due to its limited accessibility by air. It would be so awesome to send a crew with single fin longboards to one of the world’s best log waves, Batu Karas! I longboard professionally and it is my dream to go surf this wave! It’s got beautiful scenery and apparently the locals are some of the kindest and friendliest out there. I envision taking an awesome road trip through the jungle - it’s 10 hours from Jakarta if we drive - stopping at waterfalls and historic sites, traveling on those raft boat things (google Javanese platform rafts, hopefully something pops up so I don’t sound dumb) with our longboards and sharing coronas along the way. When we arrive we can surf the endless peelers at this amazing point break... the waves are so perfect it would be easy / super rad to get footage drinking or just holding a corona on the waves! I’ve been thinking about this one for ages! 
Diving with sharks in Fiji Or Swimming with humpbacks in Tonga! 
My bucket list dream is to go heli skiing in Zermatt Switzerland. It would be incredible please make this happen 😍 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
The pipe dream is to go to French Polynesia and island hop on a big boat surrounded by friends, sun, the ocean, drinks and awesome music. French Polynesia is that place that I will never afford to go to but have always wanted to see.
Visiting the seven wonders of the world is my ultimate bucket list experience and I've only got one left to see! Petra in Jordan will be my 7th wonder of the world and I can't wait to tick this one off my list! I'm pretty sure I've saved the best until last. I'd also love to float in the Dead Sea And venture into the Wadi Rum desert by camel to spend a night camping under the stars! 
It would be my absolute bucket list moment to go on a safari in South Africa. It would be such an adventure to see the big five: elephant, rhino, buffalo, lion and leopard up close and in their natural habitat. 

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