It was a typical Sunday morning. I’d woken up at my mate’s place after a couple of beers the night before. We checked the surf forecast for the local beach, and with the report not showing too much potential, we opted to stay put for the moment. We were in no rush to go anywhere. It was then I got a phone call from a friend I hadn’t heard from in a while, and the outcome of the conversation was better than I’d hoped—an invite and a paid return flight to South Oz for a surf trip.


My good friend Callum was moving to Northern Territory for work and was keen to spend a few weeks chasing waves along the coast before driving up into the middle of Aus. After trying to get others keen to get time off work, he hadn’t had any luck in finding anyone to join him. Which is where I came in; I work a lot for myself, so these type of spontaneous trips are perfect for me. A quick five minute chat, and it was locked it in. I would be keeping him company and helping him do the long drive, in return for free flights and good times.



I flew into Melbourne airport from Tasmania a few weeks later, with nothing but the clothes on my back and my camera bag as carry-on; I had given all my gear to Callum to put in his car, as he was driving over on the ferry. Turns out he’d managed to wrangle three others into joining, turning our duo into a decent little group of five. With large swell already on the coast and the forecast looking good for the next few days, we wasted no time starting the epic 26-hour drive west. I hadn’t met some of the other guys we were travelling with, but what better than a 26-hour drive in a cramped car to get to know each other? We took shifts driving through the night, playing music and talking crap to keep ourselves awake, hoping that the long drive would be worth it when we arrived to pumping waves. It was. We were welcomed with perfect, clean conditions and the boys were straight out there the moment the car rolled to a stop.



For the next three weeks, each day morphed into another. A mixture of surfing, fishing, cooking, driving, drinking, camping; anything to keep our minds occupied in an environment where you needed to stay relatively busy to remain sane. It was this crazy mixture of having so much to do, but also nothing to do at the same time. A nice change of pace to life back home, with no reception, and no distractions. Just the mates beside you and the adventures in front of you.

Photos & Words: Nick Green // @nickgreenphoto