There are moments that jump out from the larger spectrum of consciousness. Your high school prom, your wedding day, your first proper cerulean hanger. Watching John John Florence do inconceivable things with a surfboard in reeling Winkipop during a routine warmup? It fits the bill as well. Welcome back to the Rip Curl Pro, Bells Beach edition of Beach Chair: Stab and Corona’s video eulogy of the fleeting peripheral action that disappears at a moments notice, and that most miss. But we don’t.

With elimination day at Bells unravelling, the remaining members of the top 34 were embracing a rejuvenated Easter morning swell gracing both Bells and Winkipop. And our disciplined lens was there, capturing the hard evidence of some chilly Victorian warmups. Including a creamsicle neoprene-clad Carissa Moore dazzling in her bright attire; Julian Wilson propelling through the Winki inside bowl (a crowd favourite); an aforementioned John John putting on as flashy a performance as ever, and more.

Did you catch episode one? And two? Our affable chat with Jordy Smith? If not, get at them here, here and here, respectively. And keep a tight grip on the keyboard for further programming from Stab and Corona in Torquay. There’s more to come.