There’s nothing more Australian than hitting the open road with a car full of mates, camping gear in the boot and a quiver of boards strapped to the roof. Whether you’re escaping the grind on a Friday afternoon and or setting out on big journey, there are few things as fulfilling as a summer road trip with your friends.

Often when one has a reverie of escape, it’s usually of palm littered beaches in a distant and faraway land, but how many of you have taken the time to explore your own backyards? Australia is brimming with easy and accessible adventures, many of which can be accomplished over a weekend! To celebrate the spirit of the Australian road trip and to encourage you to partake in your own summer adventures, we’ve teamed up with our friends at North Journal, Bear Rentals, Dead Kooks, and Poler to bring you eight epic Australian summer journeys – all easily obtainable! Each journey will provide inspiration and expert tips from locals within each area and the Corona creative community that’ll help make your next roadie a breeze.

Corona Journey No.40 – Crossing Borders by North Journal

When we think of adventure, we tend to think of hours behind the wheel; days spent in transit and countless kilometres covered. These long trips can leave the weary traveller feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and penniless. Long-winded, expensive and well thought out adventures have their place, but it is important to remember the value of being able to load up the car on a Friday after work and just taking off. Exploring your backyard without a map and making the right-hand turn where you usually turn left.

This trip on the QLD and NSW border was a last minute idea, one without much planning besides a brief look at a map and scouring over some towns we had never heard of. Throw a bag of ice, an esky full of food and beer, a bunch of surfboards and some hiking boots in the back of the truck and we were set. There was no huge convoy of mates or chasing any swell up and down the coast like we so often do, just a couple of friends with the plan to stop having so many plans.

The fellas, Rad Dan and Nicka, were straight into solving the first dilemma: to head west or stay on the coast? Rad Dan won the coin toss, so we decided to head inland over the mountains in the distance, then once sufficiently lost and ocean hungry, head back to the coast. It’s important on these impulse trips to not waste too much time making decisions – a good old coin toss should become the chief decision maker. A rough mental map was drawn in our heads, and we took off following roads we knew existed but had never driven. For a group of guys who have collectively seen a lot of the world, it was surprising we had never explored what was across the street.

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Below is a guide to help out with your last minute adventure, your three-day escape that should become a regular fixture. And remember, the more that goes wrong, the better your BBQ stories become.



For a small adventure, we recommend a small crew. The more people that come along, the harder the decisions become. Two or three heads is a good number, as you have enough people to change a tyre swiftly but you’re all also able to solve any argument with a coin or paper, scissors, rock tournament.



Driving along at 90km/h in our slow but reliable Bear Rentals Land Rover meant we got to see a lot more of our surroundings than if we took the Monaro. One of the stranger things we saw when we were lost on a dirt road was a pack of llamas. Rad Dan yelled out to stop, so we shifted down a few gears and rolled to a halt. We walked back down the road and ended up spending an hour feeding the weird but wonderful creatures. Don’t get caught up in getting somewhere – if you see something, (as ASIO says) say something, stop the car and get out. Enjoy the stranger moments.



Our weekend away took us to some new and exciting places, but we also visited some old favourites along the way. We have a little spot around the corner from a well-known beach that is completely untouched most of the time, even on the weekend. Our last day was spent in the sun, surfing fun waves and bumping into a few other friends that were in the know. The day was topped off as all days by the beach should be – with a cold beer and some sausages on the BBQ. Find your own little nook that can be close by but feel miles away.



Travelling with mates like Rad Dan and Nicka means you are going to make new friends no matter what. They talk to everyone they see and love a good yarn with anyone that is keen to share their story. Don’t get stuck in your own little world, get out there and start chatting because it’s pretty amazing where a conversation can lead. One conversation the fellas sparked up resulted in a dirt bike being wheeled out of a shed. Next thing you know, we were riding motorbikes all arvo around hidden fire trails. Not to mention we now have an invite to camp on our new mate’s property whenever we are “out this way.”



If you are ever out in Canungra, a small rural town we came across after exploring Lamington National Park, you need to go on an empty stomach. The local bakery has the best pie and mushy peas you will ever come across. One of the locals named Deb put us onto it when we were asking for directions. Thanks Deb, we owe you. After one too many pies and slightly burnt coffee, we were back on the road with nowhere to be.



It’s no secret that we love getting the car off the bitumen. Luckily our mates at Bear Rentals lent us a sturdy truck for the weekend, which meant we had no boundaries. Tackling 4WD tracks can be intimidating at first, so it’s always good to have someone aboard who has some experience. There are little things you can do like letting your tyres down, having recovery equipment and a CB radio that will ensure you get out safely if anything does happen. This whole trip was relatively unprepared but if you are going to go off-road, make sure you are prepared for it. The dirt road is always a better option in our eyes.



Most surfers know that you can never have enough boards. If you are going away on a ‘spur of the moment’ trip, it would be silly only to pack your 5’9 tube hunter performance board. If you are on the east coast of Australia you’ll know how unreliable the waves are, so pack everything in your quiver to make sure you are going to have fun no matter what the conditions.



Scrolling through Instagram can give you some sweet views these days, and while sometimes inspiring, it’ll never top hiking a bloody big mountain and seeing the view from the top yourself. No-one else around and no reception to live post. We found a mountain out in Lamington National Park that gave us a crazy vantage point.
The idea of this trip was to bring back the weekend get-away over summer and remind ourselves to partake in that adventure just down the road. We had often overlooked these nearby places in the past. However, this time we came home feeling like we had been away for months while only driving a few hundred kilometres; we even managed to make it back to the coast for a Sunday arvo surf to cap off an epic mini-adventure. Keep rolling.

Photos & Words: North Journal

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