While The Rubens have been mainstays in Australian rock for several years, their surprise Hottest 100 win earlier this year sent them on an upward trajectory never experienced by the band.

Managing to beat the likes of Kendrick Lamar and Major Lazer for the annual gold medal, the accolade meant that The Rubens – along with their single ‘Hoops’ and accompanying album of the same name – were now directly under the international spotlight, and sold out headline tours and festival slots followed. Having played the biggest shows of their lives on the Hold Me Back tour back in June, the band have returned to intimate venues for the Corona SunSets tour.

Spending their formative years tearing away at pubs and clubs, the Corona SunSets tour is a return to The Rubens’ roots – and their catalogue absolutely begs for this sort of sweat-drenched affair. Our friends at Life Without Andy met up with the lads at their headquarters in Camden before two shows – one of which marks their first hometown show in their careers – to see how they fair on the road. Enjoy the latest Life Without Andy episode of TwentyFour with The Rubens and catch the lads on their remaining Corona SunSets dates here.


LWA took the short drive out to Camden to meet The Rubens, where the suburbs meet the countryside in a splendid collision of greenery. Much to their surprise, The Rubens don’t have a regular rehearsal space and studio: This one’s built inside an ex-world war communications bunker.


The lads take a break from all that drum-hitting and guitar-strumming to indulge in some pizza and beer.


This rehearsal space/recording studio/bunker thing also has its own regal in-house dog. Does this get any better?


The rock star lifestyle isn’t complete without your very own tour bus; even if it’s immobile and only used for the occasional party.


Behind-the-scenes of some extremely strong bunker banter between Life Without Andy and The Rubens.


Will and Sam lounge act inside their recording studio / communications bunker.


Drummer Scott holding down the fort with the sticks.


The legends at Life Without Andy have been on the road capturing The Rubens as they jam out across Australia. Check out their epic shots from the gigs so far, here.


Guitarist Zac knows how to wield an axe.


Sam getting up close and personal with the audience for a minute.


After Wollongong, there’s absolutely no rest – everyone heads back to The Gregory Hills Hotel for the boys’ first ever hometown show. The Rubens make it very clear that they’re proud of hailing from Menangle – and playing down at their local is a surreal feeling for all involved. Just as we expected, they receive a hometown heroes’ welcome.


Hands in the air if you dig free, live music!


Sam has to excuse himself to the bathroom mid-set, so Elliot gets on the microphone for some impromptu vocals.


After the show, Scott shares some celebratory brews with his Mum and a mysterious floating cap. Two manic shows with The Rubens – can you feel the sweat? Make sure you catch The Rubens’ remaining dates on the Corona SunSets tour.

A massive thanks to our tour partners Life Without Andy. Check out more of their coverage of The Rubens Corona SunSets Tour here.

Photos & Video: Life Without Andy