Welcome back to Corona Moments, a Garage x Corona video series. We’re handpicking and serving up the best moments of Taylor Steele’s film collection, featuring sunset barrels, all time boat trips, and perfect dreamy surf sessions. You know, those moments you reminisce about with your buddies over a cold beer.

 In this instalment of Corona Moments, we head to Lakshadweep, a tropical archipelago off the south-west coast of India to a Navy controlled wave labelled “Rasta’s” for the 2010 award winning surf flick, “Castles In The Sky”. This perfect hollow right was famously named after Dave Rastovich for his flawless surfing featured in the video above.

 “In India, I witnessed one of the purest, most expressive solo sessions of my life on a new wave (Rasta’s) for Taylor Steele’s Castles in the Sky” – Nathan Myers explaining Rasta’s surfing featured above.

Photo credit: Nathan Myers.

 Watch Castles In The Sky, now HERE.