Creating something with our hands, it almost seems like a lost art form these days. While the majority of us are embracing the digital ways of our future, a handful of us still prefer doing things the more traditional way. Enter Will Lynes and Nathan Pickering from Lynes & Co. Will and Nathan specialise in hand painted signage, gilding, glass art, and murals. They’ve been busy, heads down in the studio, preparing for their upcoming exhibition, Strictly Business.Inline image 1

The boys value the process of their art, with steady hands, they take their time and never skip over the details. The end results are nothing less of mind-blowing! Just ask merchants of Salt & Surf and RVCA, who have been long time collaborators with Lynes & Co, and have once again joined forces with the boys to present the opening of Strictly Business this Friday at the RVCA Corner Gallery Melbourne.

We highly recommend making your way down to the Corner Gallery after work on Friday afternoon and checking out Strictly Business. Hell, you may even get inspired to create something with your hands, if not, at least let us rest a cold beer in them while you admire Will and Nathan’s handy-work.





Strictly Business

Where: RVCA Corner Gallery – Corner of Stanley and Wellington Street, Collingwood
When: Friday 26th of February, 6pm
Beers on us.