I’m not a big fan of selfies, but sometimes you’re the only subject around. This shot was taken at 1.30 am while on a snowboarding adventure to Steep White, a remote mountain hut in New Zealand’s Southern Alps.

Still wrapped up in my sleeping bag, I slowly shuffled my way to the cabin door and took a peep outside. The night was clear and cold; the stars were glowing, and the moon lit up the landscape illuminating all the snow-covered mountains around me.

I decided to go for a midnight stroll to the closest peak. As I looked over the edge, I could see all the way to Glenorchy and the south-western end of Lake Wakatipu. I took a few test images then decided the scene needed a little human presence, so I strolled out in front of the camera and took in the view.

The above photo is a 10-second exposure taken at 1.30 am. The only light is from the moon above me.

Corona Journey No.25 – Steep White by Vaughan Brookfield drops this Friday.

Photo & words: Vaughan Brookfield // I.G: @vaughanbrookfield